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Dr. Alan Houk

Dr. Houk & Rose Point Chiropractic has been providing chiropractic care to the Lawrence County, PA area and Eastern Ohio communities since 1991.

"With the advances in modern non-invasive pain release, we have found our patients to be living a more comfortable quality of life beyond the procedures of the past."

Dr. Houk and his family are active members of the community, and are dedicated to serving the needs of this area.

"We understand the nature of our patients disabilities. It's not just the physical pain that is needed to be overcome, but also the inability to act in a social context, to work, and to enjoy the simple things in life. Our chiropractic care methods, help individuals of all walks of life return to an active healthy lifestyle."

We are located at:

2516 New Butler Rd
New Castle, PA 16101

Please call us for any special needs you may require: (724) 658-6618

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Rose Point Chiropractic
2516 New Butler Road
New Castle, PA 16101
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